I’m Carmella,

A licensed psychotherapist who helps you to simplify your complex situation so that you can move forward with purpose, clarity, and direction.

Ultimately, our objective is to increase confidence and well-being by fostering self-understanding and self-awareness.

I provide specialized psychotherapy tailored to meet your unique needs.
Whether you’re seeking therapy for men, working through trauma, or simply seeking greater self-understanding,
I’m here to provide guidance and support for you.

Together, we will work to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, cultivate healthier relationships, and navigate life with greater clarity, meaning, and purpose.
I bring a diverse range of therapeutic approaches to our sessions, however, it is our unique relationship that will be the most healing.

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Private Practice

The therapeutic relationship is a rare connection where you are able to discuss yourself and understand what you are experiencing – free from judgment, shame, or guilt. I provide the space for you to find out who you are and what you want from your life and relationships. Together, we will process your experiences, create an understanding of yourself, and nurture the experience of a secure relationship.

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