Therapy is a living experience. It is an invitation to explore why you think and feel the way you do.
Drawing from your past experiences, we investigate your current day patterns that are troubling you.

Below are youtube videos discussing the methods underlying how we will work together.
Although they are informative, it is our unique relationship that will determine success.
These videos are easy to understand while delving into the complexities of the relational psychodynamic approach.
Hopefully this will help to demystify the framework in which we will work.

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7 Principles of Psychotherapy

7 Principals of Psychotherapy
Video Time: 11:04
Dr. Shedler discusses how Relational Psychotherapy is a special, deeply meaningful experience.

Relational Psychotherapy, Orfanos

What is Relational Psychotherapy?
Video Time: 7:56
Spyros D. Orfanos, PhD, discusses the world of therapy.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

How Long Does Therapy Take?
Video Time: 10:01
Dr. Shedler discusses how therapy evolves overtime.